Workshop on Clustering Aspects in Nuclei and Nuclear Matter

A satellite workshop on "Clustering Aspects in Nuclei and Nuclear Matter" will take place after MBT17. It starts on Friday, Sept. 13, in the afternoon and ends Monday, Sept. 16, 2013.

Topics covered are

and related problems.

For more details, please write to Gerd Röpke.

Because some of the interested participants of the MBT17 have to leave Rostock earlier, the Workshop will already start during the MBT17 conference with an evening meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013. A second evening meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013.

Preliminary Program

Location: Physik-Gebaeude, Seminarraum I

(go to the central place of Rostock, the ''Universitaetsplatz''. If you are in front of the University main building, on the left hand there is a passage to the ''Physikalisches Institut''. On the 3rd floor, in front of the main lecture hall, you will find the ''Seminarraum I''.)

Tuesday, 10.9., alpha decay
19:00 Uhr: Chang Xu

The alpha decay half-lives and preformation probability

of alpha cluster.
20:00 Uhr: Gerd Roepke/Peter Schuck

Bound clusters on top of doubly magic nuclei.

Wednesday, 11.9., Symmetry energy
19:00 Uhr: Arturo Polls

Tensor effects and high momentum components

in the nuclear symmetry energy.
20:00 Uhr: Qamar Usmani

How does the symmetry energy affects the nucleon distribution

in asymmetric nuclear matter?

Location of the workshop for the time period 13. - 16. Sept. 2013: Wismarsche Str. 43, Theoretische Physik

Friday, 13.9., THSR states
14:30 Uhr: Akihiro Tohsaki

What is the THSR wave function?
15:30 Uhr: Masatoshi Itoh

Direct observation of 3alpha decay from Hoyle state.
17:00 Uhr: Bo Zhou

Nonlocalized motion of clusters in nuclear cluster physics.

Saturday, 14.9., Clustering in nuclei
09:00 Uhr: Taiichi Yamada

Cluster structures and monopole excitations in light nuclei.
10:00 Uhr: HidetoshiAkimune

Search for alpha-cluster gas state in 36Ar.
15:00 Uhr: Hisashi Horiuchi (?)

TBA, discussion

Sunday, 15.9., Clustering in nuclei
11:00 Uhr: Yasuro Funaki

Cluster states in light nuclei

studied with ''new'' THSR wave function.
14:30 Uhr: Discussion/Excursion

Monday, 16. 9., Further applications and future projects
09:00 Uhr Peter Schuck

Discussion of enhanced alpha-alpha correlations

found in recent experiments.
10:00 Uhr: Gerd Roepke

Clustering in warm nuclear matter at low densities.

14:30 Uhr Discussion

Sorry that Hisashi-san cannot participate because of some health problems which has occurred quite recently in his family. Possibly he can send us his contribution so that we can discuss it.